Utility Advisors was established in 2001 in Florida to specifically address a growing need to reduce the operating expenses for local businesses. Over the last fourteen years, the company has performed over 350+ audits for businesses recovering over $1,000,000 in lost revenue for our clients.

UAI is a professional energy services company dedicated to reducing the operating costs of our clients by reducing the prices they pay for utilities. We also manage down energy consumption by integrating new and innovative energy-related technologies within an overall strategic energy management plan.

UAI partners have each had executive responsibilities that include property management for private businesses exceeding $100 million in revenues. We have fundamental knowledge of how a single cost element can get out of control and take an entire organization off course. We have seen how the price and consumption of energy and other utilities has risen dramatically over the years, and has become a threat to sustaining competitiveness. That is why we have assembled a team of energy and utility experts who can bring sanity and control over these necessary costs.

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